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What is Impacting Millions®?

IMPACTING MILLIONS® teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities, so you can get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).

Because you’re not interested in playing small your entire life.

You’re interested in making a world-changing impact.


IMPACTING MILLIONS® is right for you if…

  • You’re just getting started as a coach, consultant, service provider, or course creator. You feel lost in a sea of people doing work similar to yours… and you’re ready to stand out.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you’re not getting the attention or clients you know your business deserves. (You know you’re amazing at what you do – you just need more people to know that, too.)
  • You’re an established 6-figure or multi-6 figure entrepreneur who dreams of writing books, being on television, or being seen as the top leader in your industry.

My Bonus Promise:

You’re an extremely busy person. If you’re in my universe you care about achieving things as quickly as possible with speed and accuracy.

So here’s my ‘3-No Bonus Promise’:

  • No unnecessary courses. (You’re buying Selena’s. You don’t need ANOTHER one! Seriously where will you find the time? Instead, I’m going to gift you with time. See below.)
  • No travel costs. (I’m not going to make you travel to get value. I’m going to give you the value of my experience with templates and systems.)
  • No inflated ‘value’ price points. (I know what you’ll be getting from me is valuable, it could be worth tens of thousands to you or it could be worth nothing to you. It all depends on your execution, stage of business and quality of your product or service. So… let’s just agree that I won’t put a price on what you see below. Instead, I’m going to respect your maturity and intellect and let you decide if what I have for you is valuable. Cool? Cool.)

My Impacting Millions® Bonuses:

My Eight Million Dollar, 90-Word Outreach Email (First 20 Buyers Only)

My Two Secret Media Sites

Speed Product & Promotion Creator


My Eight Million Dollar, 90-Word Outreach Email (First 20 Buyers Only) (Value: You decide.)

This is the exact 90-Word Email Template I’ve used to get on, The Today Show, Today Show Australia, CBS Radio, National News (Canada), CBC Radio, Fox, Sky Business News, Boston Globe and over 40+ Media.

In total, this 90-Word Email has earned me and my businesses over $8,000,000 in ‘earned media’. (Source: Calculated by Ogilvy & Mather) (This is simply a marketing term that means, it would’ve cost $8,000,000 to pay for the same coverage if it was an advertisement. There ya go… you might’ve just learned a fancy media term. 😉 )

I’m going to do a video walk-through of the email, to give you context. Hand you the template, and give you examples of how to use it in three different niches.

This is an email that media people appreciate because you’re giving value, PLUS you’re setting yourself up for a media interview, opportunity or on-air reference.

This template can be used for magazines, newspapers, TV, blogs, radio etc.

My Two Secret Media Sites (Value: You decide.)

Tracking down media contacts is a challenge. It’s not that you can’t find their information, you can. It’s about finding A LOT of contacts without wasting hours of your precious time. OR finding a lot of the under the radar media companies that are thirsty for great stories and content.

For example, have you ever heard of ‘Affluent Magazine’? Well, it has an impressive target market of wealthy individuals, and if you had a product or service targeted for that group. You’d be far better off getting coverage from them then some general publication.

That’s just one small example of the thousands of media sites, magazines, radio, TV, Newspapers publications you can find on these two websites. (The thing I love about them is they’re Web 1.0 websites. Totally ugly. But totally valuable!)

If you want the media contacts for every single major newspaper in the U.S. → Done

If you want JUST the media contacts for the business sections of newspapers → Done

If want the media contacts for Oregon, Dallas or even Topeka, Kansas → Done

I’ll give you these private sites so you can save yourself time and find super niche golden finds like, ‘Event Marketer Magazine’. (Yes! That’s an actual magazine!)

Speed Product & Promotion Creator (Value: You decide.)

This is a power-packed guide with templates, checklists, prompts and processes for creating content that converts.

It’s 185 pages of powerful time-saving content that helps you compete in a world where speed and quality win the day!

Here’s the entire Table of Contents. Just click that link and see the value you’ll be getting.

You know what… instead of just giving you the Table of Contents, here’s what Page 40 has for you…

Page 40

How To W.R.I.T.E.™ Content

I use the acronym “W.R.I.T.E.” to describe each of the necessary steps for

W – WEIGH your idea options.

R – REACH a formatting decision.

I – INTRODUCE supporting points.

T – TELL the relevant details.

E – END by polishing document.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these five steps…

WEIGH Your Idea Options

Every lesson begins with determining what you’re going to write about for that specific lesson. As a general rule, there should be ONE primary focus in terms of your lesson topic.

What will you write about?

While you probably have many ideas to begin with – and we’ll cover how to find COUNTLESS ideas in future lessons – I do want to give you four quick ways to find ideas to write about that you can use for any of your lessons…

  • Competitor’s bullet points. That is, you find an existing sales page for a product (ebook, product page, membership site, special report, amazon listing etc.) that is related to yours and you look at their bullet points. Usually this will spawn many ideas to use as topics for your own lessons.
  • Magazine cover stories. Another method is to look at the covers of magazines related to the topic of your membership site. This will also yield ideas to write about … and fresh ones come with every new issue! (Note: You can also check your library for past issues or hunt for them online)
  • Bookstore lists. Drop by your favorite bookstore (or browse online for every greater convenience at or and search for books within your category/topic and look for (1) The subjects of the books themselves and, (2) additional ideas in the table of contents or on the back covers.
  • Guest Post/Article subjects. You can also visit your favorite online Guest Post/Article directory (,, etc.) and look within categories related to your topic for existing Guest Post/Articles. Many of these will serve as suitable ideas to build lessons upon.

[End of Page 40]

So, there you go! I kept my ‘3-No Bonus Promise’.

At the end of the day…

  • Invest in ‘Impacting Millions’, if you know you’ll take action, if you’re ready to use media & influencers to grow your reach and if you’re ready to drive more sales into your business.


Oprah Magazine said YESSSSSSSS to me! One of my dreams come true. I shared a story about the best gift I’ve ever gotten and they love it. My life is amazing.

Thank you Selena Soo for this course, the encouragement, and these opportunities.

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

I’m ecstatic that my Entrepreneur on Fire interview went LIVE today!!! I could not have gotten this without Impacting Millions® and the Insider shares here.

Tree Franklin

So excited to share! Was just featured in Business Insider thanks to the amazing Selena Soo!

Emily Williams

I had been thinking about writing about this topic for almost a year now. When the Manchester City bombing occurred (followed by other attacks around the world) I knew I needed to get this idea out there SOON. I knew it could help people, and that now was a good time to get the message out there. Fortunately, thanks to Selena, this course, and this group, I knew exactly what channels to go to to get published! Today I woke up with my first Elephant Journal post! Very excited to share it with you all.

Jeremy Lipowitz


I am a proud partner of the Impacting Millions program. If you enroll through my link, I will receive a commission which means I can provide you with extra bonuses to make your experience even better! I only promote people and programs that I stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business.

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