“My Appearance in Forbes Was 10X
Better Than I Could’ve Imagined.

I thought I’d get a quote or something, not a full profile with multiple pictures of me.”



“My Appearance in Forbes Was 10X Better Than I Could’ve Imagined.

I thought I’d get a quote or something, not a full profile with multiple pictures of me.”



Let Me Guess, Right Now You:

Want to be a household
, not a behind-the-scenes

Dream of the day you’re
recognized by Oprah, Brene Brown

(or anyone else you admire).

Don’t want just
any media attention.
It’s got to be

Would love to get this text from your best
friend: “OMG, congrats! Just read your
Forbes article. You’re killing it!”

Know you’re meant to help lots
of people
— and it’s time to play

Want to be a star (or at least get
your genius in front of those who
need it the most

Well, luckily for you, that day might be closer than you think…


How  To  Get  Into  Forbes

(And Other Top Business Publications)

An exclusive masterclass that shows you exactly how to get featured in prestigious business publications and go from hidden gem to household name.

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“Getting publicity not only solidified me as an authority in my industry, it also allowed me to double my prices and sell high ticket packages due to my expertise. When you’re charging high prices, people look to see where you’ve been featured and what you’re talking about.”

– Marietta Gentiles Crawford

“My Forbes article went viral with 250,000+ views in the first few days. It’s been a total game-changer for my business and brand!”

– Lisa Johnson

Meet  Your  Mentor…

Hi there, I’m Selena Soo.

I’m a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, authors, and experts who want to reach millions with their message.

I’ve worked with 4,000+ students and clients in my publicity programs, helping them land media placements like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc.

One thing you may not know about me? I’m a total introvert at heart. But that’s how I know that anyone can get high-profile publicity and use it to transform their business. Let me show you how…

My clients and students have been featured in


Landing a Major Media Feature is More Impactful
Than You Could Ever Imagine

Now, I know what you’re thinking. To be in Forbes you need to already be a bestselling author, internet celebrity, or 7-figure entrepreneur. But in fact, it (often) works the other way around.

Just ask Laura Belgray…

“This can completely transform your business.”

“Once I started publishing media pieces, people started finding me. And of course the more people see you, the more people are like. “Oh, my God, you’re killing it!” Then everyone wants to work with you. They all want to pay your rates. It triggers celebrity and success. This can completely transform your business.”

– Laura Belgray, Copywriting Expert

What if You’re Not a Brilliant Writer or Making Boatloads
of Money? Take a Look at These 3 Entrepreneurs…

Their features have nothing to do with how much money they’ve made.
(And they’re all in completely different industries!)

Meet my

Incredible Co-host

Sharon Stokes is a senior media coach. As a TV producer for almost 20 years, she’s produced interviews with notable personalities including Oprah, Richard Branson, Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes and Grabrielle Bernstein.

Sharon is also a certified life coach and fitness instructor who has shared her expertise with The Huffington PostReader’s Digest and Bustle. She is passionate about helping other experts (like you!) get into the media spotlight.

During This 60-Minute Masterclass, You’ll Learn:


    • How to use top media features to grow your credibility, build your audience, and attract new clients.
    • 6 types of stories top biz publications want — and the must-use writing prompts to craft your own.
    • Common mistakes to avoid when pitching the media. Plus, an inside look at story ideas that got rejected and why.
    • Simple secrets to get your foot in the door. We’ll show you who to pitch, who looks for ongoing contributors, and who would just love your one-off article.

“A powerhouse of publicity and marketing genius, Selena Soo is a woman you want on your side.

She’s connected, results-oriented, and beyond brilliant… I cannot recommend her high enough!”

Marie Forleo, Creator of Marie TV
and Founder of B-School

But Wait! That’s Not All

Because when you show up live (and stay until the end)
you’ll enjoy two exciting bonuses

But Wait! That’s Not All

Because when you show up live (and stay until the end) you’ll enjoy two exciting bonuses

Get The Email Pitch That Got
Laura Her Viral Article and
1,000 New Subscribers

…with Business Insider no less!

Live Workshop with Me & Sharon
to Develop Your Story Ideas

Identify your top 3 story ideas to
confidently pitch to biz publications.

“Selena! This pitch is impeccable.

Every angle, the whole spirit of it. Really, so good. I’m so impressed. You’re so in your zone. For the love of god, THANK YOU.”

– Danielle LaPorte, Speaker & Bestselling Author

“Selena is a master connector and a powerful guide for anyone looking to create an impactful brand.”

– Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author

You May Be Wondering “Why Now?”

And can this really be free?

It’s true, I’ve never shared this content before.

In fact, up until now I believed it should be a paid program. (And honestly, what I’m about to share is so valuable I toyed with the idea of putting a $697 price tag on it.)

So what changed?

Well, for many, getting in Forbes is the ultimate dream and marker of success. But so many entrepreneurs feel like it’s an impossible goal to achieve.

(And if you’ve come all the way down here, I’m guessing you feel it too?)

But, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Remember: it’s not about being an internet superstar. You can have major media wins — even if you have a small following or have only been in business for a handful of years.

So, why not kick off the New Year with that as your resolution? Let’s strip off the price tag, and get started for nothing…


The Value of This Masterclass is $697

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How  To  Get  Into  Forbes

(And Other Top Business Publications)

“Selena delivers so much more than just ‘publicity.’

She’s helped me expand my brand, create new revenue streams, and fill a high-ticket program at 5x the price point I’d originally imagined.”

– Farnoosh Torabi, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Money Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

Our  Final  Thought…

The publicity skills I’m about to teach you won’t just land you exciting features…

They’ll help you radically elevate your brand,
grow your business and attract the people you
MOST want to work with.

I’m excited to see you there!